Slot Overview, Max Winnings in WPD

In the iSoftBet video game Max Win W.P.D, players must “hands up, punk” since the cops have arrived. This is one machine where you won’t get rich by breaking the law, and those that have tried have ended up in a maximum security prison. There would be no need for prisons or police if everyone followed the law and treated one other with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, it’s not like that, and society relies on Max and others like him to confront criminals, strengthen the police force, and put bad guys behind bars. A Wild Paying Department and free spins with sticky expanding wilds are only the beginning of what Max Win W.P.D. has to offer.

The prison setting of Max Win W.P.D has high walls and barbed wire. A dramatic crime-fighting score completes the scene as spotlights patrol the yard in search of any mischief-makers. For those who aren’t interested in prisons, the show may seem too serious, like a cop show with no lighthearted parts. Max Win W.P.D has an ambience that falls between the cheeriness of Cash Patrol and the grimness of Folsom Prison.

In terms of probability of winning, Max Win W.P.D. is also rather average (in a good manner), however it tends toward the upper end of the distribution. The potential return value for players who wager 10 p/c to £/€10 per spin is 96%, and the hit rate is 27.9%. The game is played on a 5-reel, 3-row grid, and wins are awarded for combinations of three, four, or five of a type that land left to right, beginning at the leftmost reel, on any of the game’s 10 fixed paylines.

The premium pay symbols in Max Win W.P.D all have to do with law enforcement in some way. From bottom to top: a badge logo; a jail; a police dog; a female cop; Max; a man officer; a shackle. Five of a kind pays a premium of between 4% and 20% of the original wager, whereas a line of five low-paying 10-A card rankings pays just 2% to 4% of the original wager. Wilds can replace any other normal pay symbol and can occur on any reel. If you get five wilds in a row, you win 100 times your wager.

Highest Possible Payout Slots

A Wild Paying Department feature and free spins with sticky, potentially expanding wilds are the bonuses in Max Win W.P.D., its “baton” and “pepper spray,” respectively.

Bureau of Bizarre Wages

On any given spin, the appearance of Max might result in a significant bonus or payout. Any payment that is larger than 25 times the initial wager is termed a massive win. If a retrigger is granted, Max might make an appearance in the bonus game.

No Risk Turns

Scatter symbols trigger 10, 12, or 15 free games, respectively, when 3, 4, or 5 appear anywhere on the board. Whenever a wild symbol appears during free spins, it remains there until the end of the bonus round. If you get two wilds on the same reel, they will lock and multiply your bet by two. A win that includes a wild multiplier of x2 is doubled. When you get three wilds on the same reel, they remain around and double your bet by three times. Wins are still doubled by three if a wild multiplier of x3 is involved.

However, there is a catch. If a winning line has several wild multipliers, only the highest multiplier value will be utilized to calculate the payout. Never add up or multiply wild multipliers before using them. The greatest value among the wild multipliers is utilized. Finally, two more free games are added if a sticky wild appears on all five reels.

Triumphantly, Max W. W.P.D. : The Slot Decision

Max Win W.P.D is an online slot machine with a somewhat odd storyline in which the police appear to have the upper hand against the criminals. Usually it’s the other way around, with thieves carrying out heists or whatever. This isn’t an entirely novel premise; in Nolimit City games like San Quentin xWays and Folsom Prison, the villains are usually imprisoned for their crimes. Since Max Win W.P.D is essentially a carbon copy of iSoftBet’s Oktoberfest slot Greta Goes Wild, there is precedence for this and pretty much everything else it does.

The atmosphere of a German beer hall might be rather different from that of a maximum security prison. While waiting for free spins to do their thing, gamers taking on Max can still enjoy the same gameplay as before, which includes random Wild Paying Departments in the basic game. If you were wondering, the average frequency is once every 182 rotations. It’s possible to be disappointed during the free spins round if you go in blind and don’t take the time to familiarize yourself with the paytable’s ins and outs. The fact that wild multipliers do not stack, contrary to popular belief, is the main cause of this anomaly. To use an extreme example, if wilds multiplied each other, a successful line with five wild multipliers could yield enormous payouts, but in this game, the maximum wild multiplier is just 300.

Even if the maximum payoff in Max Win W.P.D. is 8,000 times the wager, the game still feels like it holds back a bit (or a lot). Wild Paying Department isn’t as good as games like Dead or Alive 2 or Top Dawg$, etc., when it comes to sticky wild multipliers, but fans of police and thieves will still find much to enjoy.